Notre Dame Preparatory School

Entrusted with updating NDP’s main lobby which hadn’t been renovated since 1960, NFD worked closely with the admissions department, headmaster, school board and finance director to create a design that met the function and aesthetics fitting of the prestigious private school. The dark, aged lobby, which needed to make a dramatic first impression, was much too small for holding events or spill-over from the adjacent auditorium and needed to function in a more secure manner. NFD met the challenge of space with the addition of a storefront glass façade which created a vestibule providing visibility and security. Opening up the reception desk area allowed for more workspace and an artful, decorative glass backdrop was created to distinguish the area. The logo was engraved into the solid surface desk front and much needed storage was provided. The lobby was brightened by removing several rows of wood paneling and cladding walls with a drywall and reveal detail.  New ceilings and lighting were installed with large, shade pendants for a dramatic effect. Curved, moveable furnishings and stylistic area rugs created comfortable, flexible seating areas.  School programming is featured on monitors in the lobby and a new display case was designed to integrate with the style. NFD provided as-built documentation, design development, renderings, construction documentation/millwork details and construction administration for this 2,000 square foot project. We also renovated the school offices and provided new auditorium finishes during this project.