Diamond Comics

NFD was hired by Diamond Comics, the world’s largest comic book distributor, to help them explore different office buildings for the relocation of the company’s headquarters. They wanted the suite to reflect an innovative design incorporating a collaborative environment to aid in work flow. NFD provided building analysis and test fits resulting in Diamond Comics selecting a building which met their needs and encompassed 44,500 square feet, an 8% reduction in space from their existing facility. NFD created a neutral palette accented by bright, vivid colors to aid in wayfinding and to enhance the fun, collaborative work environment. Due to the high volume of paper storage, NFD recommended the use of a structural engineer, which proved vital, and structural reinforcement was added to support the flooring system. Working within the budgetary constraints, NFD designed a clean, vibrant, effective space providing programming, space planning, finish and furniture selections and specifications, construction documentation and millwork design, and construction administration services.